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          West Palm Beach, Florida - - - (561) 818 8133

James E. Schildgen, B.B.A., M.B.A., C.T.A. - (Loyola University, Chicago).

      Achieved top retail futures broker/trader status (in downtown Chicago locations) at three New York Based stock/commodity firms, achieving Vice-President of Sales status in each. Became lead broker over 60-65 salesmen within two years' time in each firm. Top year, traded over $3.34 billion in total equity, with an estimated 10,200 ctcs.

     In the 1970s, had many accounts and a contact base associated with traders in the Silver & gold markets, including being the hedge broker for International Precious Metals out of Michigan. One account that was a position trader (V.M.), compounded the position longs from an insignificant amount to $ 1,1-million in 18 months. After being misquoted in the New York Times (September, 1976), he decided to move to another more professional-type house, There he attracted better clients, and gained exposure in financial publications including Barrons, The Wall Street Journal, Trader's Magazine and Commodities magazine (now Futures magazine). He invested heavily in numerous trading courses, from Wm. D. Gann's cycles methodology, to moving average specialists, Jake Bernstein's RSI Oscillator, many floor traders' personal trading methods, etc. His personal financial library grew extensively as he bot many books on finance from local bookstores, aggressively accumulated exchange yearbooks from the Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the New York Mercantile and COMEX-exchange. Had continuous price histories on the entire grain markets (and Cotton) back to 1877, first year of issue on an Annual edition. Had a complete Commodity Research Yearbook collection back to 1939, including special editions and price chart issues back to the early 1960s. Began acquiring data back to at least 1800 for all traded markets in America, Gold back to 1200, and Wheat back to 1500 A.D.

     Once the new Currency futures contracts were created and made available to the average trader in 1972 (after the Gold Window closure of August 17, 1971), dis extensive research in any and all price data available by private suppliers. The British Pound back to 1875 for example led him to discover the 16.803-Yr. Cycle in foreign currency reversals. All major devaluations in European Currencies, especially Sterling re the U.S. Dollar were thoroughly analyzed to their behavior. Got caught long 13 contracts of Mexican Peso contracts in September, 1976, but eased out of that mistake within 5-6 trading days. That 'Devaluation' made him especially sensitive to government changes of inter-governmental relationships and currency valuations. Caught the two following Mexican Peso Devaluations in 1982 and 1994. Avoided the 1998 Russian Ruble Devaluation where L.T.C.M. lost over $ 5,-bill. in just two months.  

     Jim is well known as being one of the most advanced, hard-asset advisors on the street, with a thorough knowledge of Currencies, money, financial panics- and crashes as well as financial history. While a V.P. of (Morgan Stanley-)Dean Witter, he made listing in the "Who's Who in Hard Money Economics" by Matlock and Silber, 1980-81 edition. Other listees were Harry Schultz, James Dines, James Sinclair, Howard Ruff to name but a few of his peers. He has been quoted in all the usual financial media and interviewed by various newsletter editors. Also, he has written numerous articles for different market-oriented publishers, including overseas financial centers in the Orient and the Middle East.

TWO-DAY CYCLES MINI-TRADING SEMINAR: (Held June 20th & 21st, 2009, Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

      "I was looking forward to the course for months and was not disappointed. I learned a lot in the course and now must put what I learned to action."        --- July 8th, 2009    J.E., Calgary, Alberta

       "If someone is undecided on whether to take your seminar, have them contact me - your work is superb."                                                                            --- January 5th, 2009   L.P., Tucson, Arizona

       "Overall the Cycles Trading Seminar was a literal avalanche of information."   "The information on the various cycles was fascinating and compelling how they repeat themselves over and over. The handouts are tremendously detailed and an excellant future reference."   "Having the passion is one thing, but the ability to recall it all and piece it all together is truly astounding."               

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            --- July 13th, 2009    K.B., Calgary, Alberta


      Having gone up the life-long staircase of a learning curve, with each step pointing to the one above, even with massive manipulation going on by the Intl. Banksters in power, the 'Final Solution' to fully understand "Financial Crowd Psychology" is the use of cycles analysis. Having started at the bottom of the brokerage/investing corporations, doing everything menial in clerk positions (margin clerk, error adjustment clerk, out-trade clerk, phone clerk and runner), I saw first hand how markets behave as the masses' demand ebbed and flowed into and out of the market 'pits' in Chicago. They are called 'rings' in New York as well as 'posts' on the stock exchanges, but centralize orders into and out of every regulated market on Earth. Having a very analytical and thorough mind, I always wanted to know and emulate those who made the major profits and consistently made them over the years. This means that, they were in sync with the markets in their bullish (optimistic) phase, as well as their bearish (pessimistic) phase which is called - a 'Cycle.' In my quest for real knowledge, I read everything that was in this field - investment books, market reports for the investing public, historical volumes, trader's courses, W.D. Gann's stock and commodity classes, etc.

      In the process, I became a retail broker right out of the research section of a major New York investment firm, never having had any 'sales training' courses. This of course, helped me and ruined my future behavior. I was not trained at all in geeting accounts to trade, trade, trade until all their money was nearly gone. My need and quest for learning how to make profit in every type of market is totally selfish. I simply, honestly wanted to make markets my servent, always willing to give me a second income on top of whatever my primary avocation was. So I knew that in the beginning, I was going to have to learn everything about every market I ever came across.

     This I have achieved. Now, I'm sharing my lifetime of experience, knowledge, charting history including sharing the wisdom of others' experiences from a financial libratry accumulated amounting to 1,200 volumes. At one time, I estimate that I've done over 3,800+ yearly charts, as well as numerous special studies that honed my blade of understanding.

     Played the 1990s Hi-Tech Bubble Equity market in NASDAQ and S & P 500 futures Index moves, calling for a major top from 1998, via Ch. 26's "Ask An Expert" show in Chicago's main financial trading channel, for the late 1999-quarter. Closer to the actual event, using the interim sell-of of stocks making an intermediate bottom on October 18th, 1999, I called for an exact top on January 18th, 2000, on or about March 4th or March 13th, 2000. Since all my future call dates are plus or minus 1-trading day, I saw the large cap stocks top on Friday, January 14th --- exactly! Then, after making new highs by computer and software stocks moving higher, the NASDAQ topped on Friday, March 10th exactly --- a perfect call. A second peak two weeks later on March 24th, and a 'Selling Panic' ensued, dropping all electronic issues one-third value in two and a half months' time to early May. Numerous hedge fund managers were heavily destroyed, with 30+% loss of value from those high levels. A collapse of all stock prices continued from the rally to September 4th's, 2000 high for over 30-months from the 2000 highs. Every single price plateau and selloff wave was called in advance and traded accordingly using mathematical measures and wave analysis, ending in lows in July, October 2002 and March 2003 for the Selling Exhaustion. Some $ 14,-trillion equity disappeared in that timeframe. Peter Borish, former right-hand man for Paul T. Jones, was out. Stanler Drunkenmiller, main trader for George Soros' Quantum Fund, lost so much he resigned a $ 200-mill. position by May 2000. Richard Driehaus' fund dropped from $ 6,-bill. to 3,-billion in that 2.5-month selloff. The Sjo-Group also lost over half their equity in the initial Selling Panic of March-May, 2000. Flip Filipowski also lost heavily, especially in his newly-formed startup for hi-techs in Chicago, the Divine Fund. Many, many more lost huge amounts   

      Called the top in Equities in 2007 for July and then October 11th, even though it made new all-time highs by 1.5 %. Enjoyed the 2008 Financial Collapse in all markets - Equities, Metals, Bonds, banks, etc. as it paralleled the 1936-37 high in Equities and sharp Bear Market of Equities for that time, based on the 72-Yr. Financial Panic Cycle I discovered. The prior 1864 Financial Panic saw the collapse of the Confederate Currency, effectively stopping the U.S. Civil War, creating Hyperinflation in the South's economy. Prior to that, the Wall Street Panic of 1792 was the equivalent fear-induced action on all markets. And prior to that period, the famous "South Seas Bubble" hit everyone in central Europe, especially England & France devastation the middle class and nouveay riche in dramatic fashion. (See "Extraordinary Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by MacKay.) 



      Recently, in 2008, James once again called for the PRICE WINDOWS of reversals for tops in the Commodity Bubble worldwide - over 7+ years in the making (2001-2008). The First Window was at/after February 24th, with most groups topping the following 3-4 weeks. The Second Window was highly centered on the Energy Complex due to its fantastic squeeze situation in the Crude Oil, Gasoline, Heating Oil and, to a lessor degree, Natural Gas. These exact dates, among others, were given out or forecast/projected onto his "Price Reversal Navbar" the prior month before they occurred. This is one of his genius accomplishments, we believe not found elsewhere in the world. It took him some 28,000+ man-hous of research and studies to delineate reality. Yet he steadfastly remains bullish for all physicals, to be topping out in 2010-2011, based on his cycle expertise.

      "I must tell you that I am in awe at the positions and market calls of the past 6 to 7 months, Truly amazing. As you know, I am an avid fan and look forward [to] each and every email from you. I am studying the markets each day and have scaled into positions. I have worked hard over the past 8 months to listen to your words and have built some confidence and learned to let that floor trader mentality go. I have built positions in the Pound, Silver, Gold, Copper, mCrude, Bean Oil and Corn."                                                                                                                                                                                                              --- May 30th, 2009  M.S., Highland Park, Illinois

       "The morons on T.V. are talking about Gold, saying it is priced too high!"   "I had to turn off the T.V."     "Your calls are absolute, exciting and just fantastic to watch."   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              --- February, 20th, 2009     M.S.

       "Jim, love your info. Feb. 24th was the low...   You're great with the history of the financial past, absolutely brilliant."                                                          --- Feb. 28th, 2009     G.P., Pompano Beach, Florida

     His calls are quite fantastic compared to most armchair economists, financial experts and other non-trading experts out there, but it is his Consulting Clients paying him his hourly fee ($ 300/hr.) who benefit the most. While no one has yet approached him to manage an offshore fund, his profitability returns are substantial. Giving out specific advice as to how to position oneself in a dynamic Bull- or Bear market, is what Jim has developed over the decades. (He first began trading stocks in 1959 and futures in 1963.

        "Glad to hear your new computer has arrived."   "The powers of your cycles are staggering."   "In the Silver, Gold and Copper, I got in well, and got out way too early.  Short term attitudes are no way to trade, or have consistent success."   "A trusted advisor once told me, 'Becoming a professional speculator is very expensive.' "                                                                                           --- June 1st, 2009    S.L., Chicago, Illinois

IN EARLY 2008:

     Gold topped at $ 1,034 on Mar. 17-18th, Sugar at 15.07 Mar. 7th, Plat at $ 2,308. on Mar. 4th, Palladium at $ 600. on Mar. 4th, Silver at $ 21.44 on Mar. 18th, Crude Oil then at $ 111.00 on March 17th and finally on July 11th at $ 147.27, Chicago Wheat at $ 13.35 on Feb. 27th, Corn at $ 7.65 on June 27th, Oats at $ 4.51 on Mar. 4th, Soybeans at $ 15.76 on Mar. 3rd, Meal at $ 385.70 on Mar. 3rd then $ 457.00 on July 14th, Soyb. Oil at $ 71.25 0n Mar. 4th and $ 68.60 on June 16th, Natural Gas at $ 13.69 on July 2nd, Live Cattle on July 1st at $ 104.70, Feeder Cattle at $ 116.50 on May 30th and $ 116.10 on Aug. 4th, Cocoa at $ 29.70 on Mar. 14th and $ 32.90 on July 1st, Gasoline at $ 3.63 on July 11th but the high close was on July 3rd at $ 3.57, Heating Oil at $ 4.1580 on July 11th with the highest close on July 3rd at $ 4.1360, Cotton at $ 93.30 on Mar. 5th. Almost every physical except for a few oddball ones topped right on schedule.

         "Great, well done!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                    --- August 22nd, 2008    W.B., Defiance, Ohio  

         "As for the Crude [Oil] NO one can take it away from you.... It was a great call. I follow  that path."                                                                                 --- August 6th, 2008   R.S., Calgary, Alberta, Canada  

          "As always, you are on the ball. Your site finally looks as impressive as your knowledge of the Markets. It's simply TERRIFIC! Your choice of music amuses me,

      but is very appropriate and keeps the viewers' interest. Another stroke of genius."                                                                                                                    --- August 8th, 2008   G.S., Morton Grove, Illinois 

           "Jesus, you are one smart dude!"                                                                                                                                                                                             --- August 15th, 2008    P.G., Minneapolis, MN.

           "Your excellant cycle analysis again confirmed our strong suspicions about the markets over the last 4 months and pinpointed the markets' time frames for movement.

           "Your cycle(s) work that I have followed over the last 10 years has helped us avoid several of the largest volatility periods and look into the sectors that would be most affected.  Bravo again for your  

      prescient work!"                                                                                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ---  S. S., CEO, St. Esprit Asset Management, Chicago, ILL.   

     These were minor compliments from persons following Jame's emails and subscriber-only recommendations over an 18 months' time frame. It was the resultant collapse of the Energies and then the vicious bear collapse of Metals for 3 solid weeks that raised that statement, via Jame's opinion against all popular opinions of the T.V.-talking heads. Silver dropped almost $ 2.00 that Friday, Gold $ 40/oz. and Platinum $ 140/oz. (August 15, 2008)  The Top of the Energy Complex's giant Bubble was being looked for in June with a time window given for when it would occur. Jame's dates he puts out on his "Date NavBar" had July 3rd as one of the few dates - that would have negative energy (bearish psychology), the day before our esteemed holday, for all his subscribers. All that optimism, amidst calls for $ 250- and $ 500/bbl. Crude Oil didn't make him flinch. In fact, such unbridled optimism always occurs in the giant bull markets... when they top out. It's kind of an unwritten guarantee! 

     Interestingly, as many Physicals were topping in the time frame that James said they would, almost all paper markets - Stocks, U.S Bonds and the U.S. Dollar were bottoming, as he had also stated they would. From his course, Trading Rule # 7: "Stocks and commodities go opposite each other, and the most common reversal of psychology is at Eclipses."  He has over 60 rules he shares at his full "6-Day Cycles Trading Seminar," that turn average specs into master traders - that he then calls "Gnomes!" The S&P 500 bottomed on July 16th, the Midcap S&P 400 bottomed on July 15th, the D.J.I.A. 30 Index futures bottomed on July 16th, the NASDAQ bottomed on July 15th, The Russell 2000 futures bottomed on July 7th & 15th, the U.S. Bonds bottomed on July 23rd, the 10-Yr.U.S. Notes bottomed on July 23rd, the 90-Day Eurodollar bottomed on June 16th and the U.S. Dollar Index bottomed back on March 17th (Panic-Climax) and on July 15th. All foreign currencies topped within a week of the U.S. Dollar bottoming, and have since sold off sharply, with some down 8.4-11 %. Even the controlled currencies followed suit.   [March 17th was the exact date of the collapse of Bear, Stearns & Co.] 

     Interestingly, James had called for a low (in Equities) for the second- third week in January (2008), to his general reader lists, but for the exact - January 21st date for the subscribers (in December 2007). He stated it would be a low for all equities wordwide, and of climactic proportions. Correct, correct, correct! In Europe, open for trading as America was closed for the King Holiday, it climaxed sharply down on that day with massive long liquidation and a 5-7 % drop in equity values worldwide. On Tuesday the 22nd, We opened lower on a large gap to adjust to Monday's European- and Far Eastern price action and James put out his famous "cover all shorts and go long" trading call, with tight stops. A perfect call!

        He had had his clientsin the S & P 500 Stock Index short from the now-infamous October 11th (2007) sell recommendation timedate for stocks, of his famous "Cycles dates: Sept. 11th - Oct. 11th - Nov. 11th" email he put out in late August 2007. By chance, three different cycles lined up to suggest major reversals for the months ahead on the 11th of late August, the September 11th - Solar Eclipse being the obvious source of one such cyclic energy. The others remain proprietary in nature. (It must also be remembered that in October 2007, the S&P 500 Index futures ran up to 1,586 or new all-time highs, some 20 points above the July 1566-high. So all average technical traders were buying like mad when James' clients were going short.

       The above-mentioned turndates - March 17th and July 3rd, 2008 dates were essentially Financial Panics in Wall Street and -LaSalle Street, along with the long-liquidation, prior Selling Climax of Equities from January 21st/22nd. The March 17th was especially climactic as many investors have found out, the "behind-closed-doors" financial predatory dismantling of Bear Stearns mainly by the boys at J.P. Morgan, dropping Bear's share price from $ 60.00 to $ 2.00 in just 5 trading days. The crooks at Enron would have been proud of that little episode! Actions in recent option strike price put on just 5-7 days (to expiration) before the Panic Low (March 17th) and massive amounts of monies buying said puts are indicative of a corrupt manipulation in clear view for all to see. Unfortunately, this is just another example of overt, obvious corruption when the various agencies and "regulatory policing actions" have totally ignored the obvious crimes in plain view. (Courtesy, E. H. Brown)       [September 15th was the collapse of Lehman Brothers.]

        "I am sure that you are one of the cleverist Analyst(s) or Trader that I have come across, and have no doubt that you will run one day run a big successful Fund... and will buy your dream Yacht."   "Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, it is the most powerful tool anyone can have at any time. (Knowledge will generate money - but not the other way around.)"                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    --- June 29th, 2009    A.Z., London, England


                                                                   THE HI-TECH EQUITIES BUBBLE OF 1990-2000

                                                                              THE COLLAPSE OF 2000-2003

     While doing private research to completely understand the Cycles Universe in financial markets, in 1999, Jim put out a call for the major low in October 23rd, give or take one day. He was wrong! It came on October 18th! But with experience and flexibility from years past, once stocks started exploding upwards, he knew that it was the low. Then, using Gann's Squaring of Time factor, he projected out major- if not final highs in 2000 on the January 18th or March 4th. Possibly March 13th also, as another function of that Squaring energy factor. All dates are always plus or minus one day, he states. January 18th was the Tuesday following Monday's Martin Luther King Holiday, putting the first date probable reversal for all stocks on Friday, January 14th. Now it is history - that all large cap Stock Indexes topped on Friday the 14th.

      But the Hi-Tech sector had a token selloff and, due to the extreme Buying Mania at hand, broke out to new highs and then hit its final high on March 10th, Friday in the first full week of March. One person who listened was an experienced fund manager, who decided to exit all hi-tech stocks in their retirement account - on the exact high day! Friends of this person beseiged them to tell how in the heck they decided to get out on that date. Simply put, "It was my Guru in Glenview (Illinois), that's all!"  So the reputation spread even more. Another date put out into the future - was Friday, September 1st, 2000 for another high Cyclic energy point. And now, he had discovered how the masses act upon fear mode in a Optimistic Bubble disintegrating into nothingness.

      All these date in 1999, were put into an article and sent to 6 financial publications for publishing. Not one magazine or newspaper showed any interest in the article, which some would put into the category of the occult or mysticism.... because it was so cxorrect. Not one even sent back a 'thank you' letter with any explanation of the rejection. So from then on, he has deemed it a waste of time to ever deal again at this level with incompetants. They editors and publishers are not qualified to judge anything of this reality.


      Similar to the 1929-32 collapse of the Equities Bubble of the 1920s, U.S. equities also collapsed down from September 1st, 2000 through March 11th, 2003 - some 30 months in length. While only 70- or 71- years in length, this action according to Mr. Schildgen. is a parallel to the 1930s Bubble collapse involving the "72-Year Financial & Economic Cycle" that has hit civilizations before without foreknowledge or expectancy by the leaders. But it is one of his prime devices that gives him understanding to explain history repreating itself in a multitude of ways. The two major dates for the Russian Communist's takeover and control of the most Christian nation in Europe - Russia & the Ukraine. From November 1917 (The Russian Revolution) through October 1989 (Fall of the Berlin Wall), this cycle created so much loss of life - some 66,000,000+ according to  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, that it has been deemed the worst purge/hollacost of a citizen-nationality of all time.

      As Equities collapsed, various dates put out 3- to 6-months in advance, called exact low selloff climaxes as well as high turn dates during this monstrous eradication of equity worldwide. Jim called them all.


                                                                   ANCIENT HISTORY

     Prior to the Hunt Silver Squeeze episode, James had invested his slowly accumulating personal savings in bullion gold coins, mainly the British Gold Sovereign .235-ounce standard coins (300 million minted)) that the British empire had produced for over 120+ years, totally recognized throughout the world. He began acquiring them in 1969 his first year out of graduate school, at the hideously high price of $ 10.25-10.50 each. That's for roughly a quarter ounce of bullion, 22 kt. pure (92.5 %). Fortunately, he unloaded in 1974 when massive amount of T.V media began showing lines of people lining up at coin shops in the U.S., to buy bullion gold coin themselves. (Gold was still illegal to own in the U.S. at that time!) Total profits were around 500-550 %. He also did this also in a foreign account, turning his equity from Swiss Francs to U.S. Dollars to Gold, etc., with every major reversal of significance. [In 1976, he jumped right back in choosing Kruggerrands, Mapleleafs and U.S. Double Eagles for his new bullion coins of choice. Liquidated all during the last 3 months of 1979, too soon of course.]

     Not many persons know this, but of the 6 investment firms that Bunko Hunt was trading through in 1980, when the N.Y. Comex reversed the rules (creating the "January 21, 1980 Silver-Panic") and illegally called for "Long liquidation only," the following 9-week collapse ended the Silver Squeeze's high prices, sent shudders throughout Chicago's financial district of LaSalle St. and Wacker Drive. The very dynamic "Silver Crash day on Thursday - March 20th, 1980" saw Silver drop from $20.00 down to $10.00/oz. in one day. His one large client wanted to buy Silver for a rebound but was denied so by management. This was the final blow for Jim to deal with inferior minds and bad traders running brokerage houses. The prior Tuesday, every last one of Jim's accounts had been approached by him and agreed to his requests - he liquidated every single futures position and options position, including all T-bills as well, into cash.  The following morning - Wednesday, his book was at a 100 % cash balance sheet status.

     His calls at the various investment firms he worked for, are near-legendary. He got out "one- to three months too soon" for some of his clients (for those who listened), back in the giant Bunker Hunt, Jr.'s second 1976-80 Silver Squeeze (along with Gold, Platinum and Copper futures). At times, stockbrokers handling their own clients -  mainly in equities, funds and stock options, would gather recommendations from Jim which, a majority of times, which were in direct contradiction to the Firm's official opinion. Working 60-80 man-hours a week does take a toll on anyone. So he cut out helping others around him in the firms and just worked for his client's interest as well as his own. On one time during the mid-'70s, James had talked with Bunko to get his account as he was fast becoming known as one of the "Goldbugs of Chicago," even to being quoted in the Chicago Tribune and New York Times on market issues. (And even on Silver; they have no shame.)

     James' customer equity hit over $ 9,000,000 in early January 1980. He foresaw that those who did not get out the last week of December 1979, an eventual drop of much of their equity would occur by stubborn, greedy clients. In late May 1980, he moved some three blocks away to a new investment firm as V.P. of Sales, with a beautiful view of Wacker Drive (always nice in a blizzard) and a picturesque large office to enjoy. While not as richly appointed as "Gordon Gecko's", it was state of the art, with trading clocks of the main financial cities worldwide he traded through, and a real working staff for support. Success has its little rewards. Even his couch was real leather! Even a private safe was there for his downtown purchases of rare numismatic coin and philatelist stamp purchases. He thinks European! There wasn't always time to drop off his accumulated real wealth items he bought downtown; he placed them in many lock boxes he had at banks and non-bank safety deposit corporations. Very European!

     His knowledge of Panics and Crashes was now becoming legendary. It was real, and he used it with good judgement. He was now a successful trader in worldwide markets. He also knew (in 1980) that Gold prices had to come back up to around $ 727./oz. (Silver to $ 27.00/oz.), which they did on September 22nd, 1980 (re the 8-month Metals' cycle - peak to peak) and then collapse. Most people (inexperienced speculators) continued to not listen and lost. He almost perfectly called these markets to the day AND to the price he calculated for the retracement. Then he traded whatever signals Gold & Silver gave for the next 20 years, mainly using the 8-year cycle. Even the $ 100/oz. drop in Gold in March 1983 after the earlier Collapse of the Kuwaiti Souk Stockmarket Bubble built up on post-dated checks. The 8-year Metals Cycle became obvious thereafter with 5-years down, 3-years up as the main pattern. The highs of Gold in 1974 would create a secondary Gold high in 1982 - correct!


     Invitations to Chicago's Channel 26 - WCIU guest spot showed that some people wanted to hear a real trader's viewpoint. So he contributed often to their guest shows as a  professional market analyst and trader. First started in 1972 (the first specialized financial T.V. station in America), at the top of the then Stockmarket Bubble (Dec. 1972), it became a show equally balanced with stock- and commodity (futures) specialists and retail executives. ("Brokers" that only execute orders are only in the pits!)

     He was also invited many times to be a guest on the Ira Epstein Show, on the roundtable asking questions of the invited newsletter writers. Met many interesting, knowledgeable people and some that can only be categorized as not the swiftest oars in the water. Epstein even asked for permission to use my "Crowd Psychology" chart on Gold, 1975-1986) from my book on trading methods, for his P.R. which I graciously gave. I have to admit, I thought that Ira and Tom Marasco - Epstein's marketing person and Epstein were some of the smartest financial advertising people I've ever met in the financial industry, bar none. The C.M.E. is pretty good, as I've watched them grow from a mis-managed trading floor to become a giant in the field of futures, and the U.S.'s lead futures market shift from Frozen Pork Bellies to the S & P 500 Stock Index Futures in just over 30 years' time.


     In 1987, while at a small retail firm, for most of the year he was trading the short side of the sharp Bear Collapse of the 30-year U.S. Treasury Bond market, which fell 25 % in just 7 months. He then wanted to jump all over the short side on the S&P 500 Stock Index and Value Line 1700 Index, which usually follow Bonds in a delayed 8-12 months lag fashion, most of the time. The strength of the prior 5-year bull market in Equities was too much for clients who generally believed that Stocks would never sell off. It was at this time he decided that most investor/traders will always be amateurs with their money and rarely learn to trade strictly by the markets' various signals and cycles.

      It was at this time (January 1987) he decided to do full time private analysis on all cyclical components of the markets to gain total understanding of these markets. In 1987 (January) he brought out his "Analytical Methods for Successful Speculation" book (A.M.S.S.) with Gold's giant 1975-1986 Bull/Bear Cycle market as the primary example within. Now out of print, it gains high prices at used bookstores for as much as $ 62.98 to $ 218.12 (Amazon) and $ 64.99 to $ 229.13 (Barnes & Noble). [August 2008] Not bad for a living author who researched, wrote, self-published and edited it entirely by himself plus a staff of one. Recommendations by readers, out of a perfect 5-star category, has the book come in at between 4.2-5.0 stars, rare for a financial type advisory. Thank you loyal audiance.

      Reviews and letters complimenting him on A.M.S.S. include a former president of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank, Washington, D.C., Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, the European Bank and Trust, London, numerous newsletter writers, private traders, Chicago Board- and Mercantile Exchange traders, etc. Even Leo Melamud had the Mercantile buy a quantity to help promote their restarting of their Gold contract. Unfortunately, the contract failed but the book just kept on selling.


              "You had the dates [for] this month pegged! Bravo!"   ---S.S., Chicago, IL. (December 2007)



     In 1995, invited over to Abu Dhabi to meet persons at the A.D. I.A. and even the Abu Dhabi Central Bank. Gave a 2-hour quick lecture before many traders and economists there, in an attempt to gain funds for a trading pool. No interest! 

     Private analyst specializing in financial & economic cycles, advanced technical analysis, historical Crisis expert, buying manias and selling panics and crashes. Expert in trading methodologies, systems applications and correct cycles analysis.

      In 2005, perfectly called the swings in the Crude Oil/Energy Complex highs, both as to the time of Buying Price Climax (exact days) as well as the price highs of the move. Got some clients short within 50 points of the days' highs (total bull markets up to that time) at the landfall of the two hurricanes - Katrina and then Rita, against all odds and opinions of the T.V. talking heads' opinions. This was projected out for August 29th and September 21st, 2005, weeks in advance. Trust me, that takes cahonas!

      Also, in the March-April time-frame - 2005, got private clients long the $ 83.-85.00 U.S. Dollar Index level before it was "fashionable." Prices eventually rose to about $ 93.00. Put his bullish-U.S. Dollar opinion out in direct opposition to those of little people like Soros, Gates and Buffett - nobody important or big in size, and thousands of Dollar-bear institutions. Also, gave his extensive research and discoveries out as to the dominant currency cycles and their lengths in the currency markets, which are the largest financial markets traded worldwide. ($ 1.8 trillion daily.)  [In 2008, now $ 8 trillion daily with the U.S. Dollar 40 % traded of that total.]

      Specialized in calling major- and intermediate-price moves in advance in all markets, long before they ever become seen or even start. (Check out his "About me..." -Navbar, and see what other professionals say from first hand observation.) Trading by knowing the future is the most fun! All the future really is, is Crowd Psychology behavior reflecting all past history in repeating price patterns. He says that understanding optimism and pessimism or "Crowd Psychology" is the key to all success.

      Developed the first mathematically correct Group Futures Indexes ever devised for some of the 8-types of market groups that exist in the futures universe. Most publicized were the Schildgen Grain Index, the Schildgen Metals Index and the Schildgen Forex Index in the 1970s and '80s. Has been published in Japanese finance trade publications such as Rudolph Wolff-K.K. C.T.A. magazine, the (Tokyo) Futures Tribune, Sakimono Magazine and Max Magazine, all based in Tokyo. Most American financial publications declined in showing such advanced thinking.

       Taught the very first accredited classes in technical analysis ever at an accredited university level at the 'Central-Y, Wacker Drive, Chicago,' before the Chicago exchanges developed their courses, in association with the Chicago Commodity Educational Club and Hank Vavak, President.

      Has lectured in numerous financial seminars, sales seminars, trading lectures and presentations at institutions including one Central bank overseas. Also was a main speaker for seven years running at the main (Chicago) World Economic Seminars by Morris and Mull, 1988 through 1995. Also Percentage Plus's "Technical Analysis IV," Computrac's "TAG XI" (New Orleans), Kezai Looks's Hilton Hotel's "Foreign Traders Conference" (Chicago), Heinold's Investment Seminar, Drake Hotel (Chicago), etc. to name but a few. Held private seminars for traders interested in his discoveries in Trading Cycles, mainly from his once home location on Lake Summerset, in northern Illinois and in Chicago, Illinois at various hotels.

      Appeared on financial TV and radio programs (i.e. Ch. 26/WCIU, Ch. 2/CBS, etc.), both for financial-/economic comments, as well as promoting the first book on Gold and trading methods - "Analytical Methods for Successul Speculation." Ben Larsen, Jack Taylor, Kurt Rense, Terry Savage (all in Chicago) are just some of the anchors who have interviewed him. Has done numerous (in the hundreds?) of radio talk shows regarding the markets.  Was an invited expert from time to time on the "Ira Epstein Show," on Ch. 26.

       Maintained a collection of hand-drawn price chart histories during his entire life. During his  university studies, kept over 300 daily and 350 weekly histories of Equities followed on his own time. From his research position forward, his first full time work, over 3,410 plus yearly charts (est. as of 2005) have been compiled of the futures contracts plus numerous private studies, special projects, futures indexes, equity indexes, etc. rarely shown to the public.

       Was associated with the Foundation for the Study of Cycles (F.S.C.) for decades; he has grown to the point of reverse-engineering the causal factors behind almost all proven long term economic cycles, and well as most short term trading cycles and their variations. In short, he "has broken the Code to all investor markets."

       Has written 6 BOOKS and numerous MONOGRAPHS on energy cycles, as well as how they apply, with hundreds of charts to prove his discoveries in this field. Plus, articles and interviews in many financial publications, from Tokyo, Italy, the Bahamas, to the U.A.E.  Book reviews of "Analytical Methods..." totaled over 40+ in number. Two were neutral/negative and the other 38+ all positive. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange alone bought over 1,500 copies for marketing purposes, mainly because of its focus on the Gold market, in an attempt to restart its gold contract in the early '90s. Also contributed heavily to the C.M.E.'s "Go Gold" Newsletter, the C.B.O.T.'s monthly "Member's Letter" as well as many various financial trade journals. Three books are privately printed and are only given to attendees of his 5/6-day Market Cycles/Trading seminar. Two books have only been shown to a few attendees, but not passed out because of the importance of their content. They show the "Key" to all Physicals and the source of all price behavior.

      Had his "Crowd Psychology Chart" of the giant bull/bear market of Gold (1975 through 1985) copied and distributed by the producers of the 'Ira Epstein Show' in Chicago. Passed out thousands of free posters showing the emotions and financial attitudes of the participants in giant bull- & bear markets.

      Developed a standing library of over 1,200+ books in all areas of finance, economics, trading, history, inflation, deflation, panics, crashes and special situations. Was a member of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles from business grad school forward. Had to literally turn down two personal libraries offered to him by fellow trader/researchers (or their heirs), due to shear lack of physical space re merging them into his own library. "E.T.",  a famous instructor of astrophysics at the Air Force Academy, who wrote many articles for the F.S.C., had one such library he passed over. (Homes only have so much space!)

      Has become the most authoritative specialist in PANICS, CRASHES and BUYING MANIAS in the financial field. Has effectively explained away over 92% of all recorded events of this nature, mostly by just three energy cycles. This has never been made public but available only in private seminars. Is currently re-organizing all notes to possibly explain all the 'Financial Crises' over the last 250 years, by which cyclic force/energy date. His current list of all such panics and bubbles totals over 32 pages of small, handwritten notes. Details  includes such things as; "The 1973 Commodity (buying) Panic, due to the 29.46-yr. Cycle, dominant over grains and foodstuffs. The 1974 Commodity (buying) Panic is due to the 54.90-yr. Cycle turning, often called the Kondratieff Wave after Nicolei D. Kondratieff, economist. This will be projected out, on a half-cycle to 2002-03 and beyond, creating a massive buying phase for all commodities."   This has occurred and will oscillate in a giant up-channel until 2030 A.D.!

     FUTURES' magazine article, December 2002 - "What looks 'hot' in 2003" by Darrell Jobman, editor. Was quoted in this edition via an article written in July of that year focusing on the grain sector. While the article was submitted but never published as a whole, parts were included in their year-end wrap-up to show readers the future as envisioned by experts. "...that when you have some exact, thorough timelines to follow, you can project the mass behavior into the future." "I know with certainty that 2003 will be a panic high for physicals that will -- in hindsight -- be called a financial panic," he says making comparisons with 1973-74, on one of the wildest periods in commodity price history. "This is based on the 27.45-year cycle length with a minor shift adjustment factor. And 2004 will be a financial panic in physicals as well, tied in to the 29.4577-year cycle. Individual groups of commodities will top out differently, just like back in 1973-74, but will have made substantial highs not seen by traders for many, many years." At the time, "everybody knew" that stockmarkets had turned back up, and commodities had no chance of having an across the board bullish move. No one forsaw a continuing bull market that would last until 2008.

      Has traveled worldwide in his career to deal with people in trading and portfolio management.

NEW LOCATION --- 2008:

      Moved to the Southeast Florida region (West Palm Beach, Florida) in March 2008 to better enjoy the climate and locale. The money management field down here is fascinating, it's so rich. Within a week, one of my former Gnomes who lives on the Intra-Coastal Waterway (Cycles Seminar attendee) invited me to his birthday party.  I like it here!!!  The food was great, as evidenced by a 40'-table, and three chefs!  The Hawaiin theme was most impressive, with Hula dancers and all.  I even got "Lei-ed." (See picture below!)

      This is really quite a rare event for this financial expert/genius to take such time off from analyzing the markets. But James does force himself sometimes.

                                My new "Members of the Board!"  March 1st, 2008


      At the encouragement of many traders and friends over a decade ago, I developed a Cycles Trading Seminar focused on market cycles, energy cyclic sources and the bioenergy association to our mass consciousness. Now over five/six days' length, it totally explains all crowd psychology in financial behavior - the last "uncharted unknown" in man's civilization. The essence of each individual is based on his or her own E.M.-bioenergy. Thinking patterns, behavior and attitude is highly influenced by our chemicals and hormones released- or restricted mainly by the endocrine gland system as well as other chemicals and frequencies. Geneology or family socio-economic patterns also apply to how a person thinks about money. The seven socio-economic levels also modify personality money traits.

      Is currently exploring the conclusive frequencies within the U.L.F., E.L.F. and V.L.F. bands and their interaction to human thought processes, the exact measured frequencies that have been proven to stimulate or de-stimulate the thought processes. This is the state-of-the-art Crowd (technical) Psychological Analysis in the field of finance. In the United States, this form of crowd influence experimentation by mind control was begun in the 1960s and '70s by our intelligence agencies, but has rarely been commented on by mainstream media.


     MUSIC:  On each NavBar or file on the left side of the home page, I've added some music for your enjoyment. Each piece comes from some movie tied in to 1) Gold heists or Metals NavBar II (i.e. "Goldfinger," 1964), 2) Currencies, (i.e. "The Thomas Crown Affair" 1968) 3) Equities (i.e. "Wall Street," 1987), 4) Futures trading or even 5) drug smuggling, perhaps the largest commodity market on the planet.  If you don't like to listen, just turn down your volume with the 'horn' icon on the bottom right of your screen. There is also a button on the bottom of each page, to access that page's rendition.                                                        

     For the challenge, musically-oriented persons who are trivia masters, I've stated that I would buy anyone a  dinner when we meet who could guess the type market- or business theme of at least ten movies, each piece's title and the movie it came from. Goldfinger and Wall Street's themes don't count here. They are too famous.


       "I've been following your cycle letter for over 10 years and you have never failed to impress me with your pinpoint accuracy. The call for January 21, 2008 was on target as was your recommendation to buy the sharply lower opening Tuesday and sit back."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            --- January 28th, 2008    N.O., Tulsa, OK.  


       "Your book on "Analytical Methods for Successful Speculation" was probably for years my bible on  T.A. And I still refer to it."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ---  2008    D.C., Toronto, Ontario


                                                 ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMERITES


   Taken during a visit to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. to meet with staff at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (A.D.I.A.). Also made a presentation to the U.A.E.'s Central Bank re "Trading and Market Cycles." The background is the Persian Gulf and skyline of Abu Dhabi, one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The car is my friend Ali's superfast, modified Mercedes 300 CE-24 that he loves so much (205+ m.p.h.). (Old picture however; he must have faster and neater cars by now.)  Because of the desert climate however, almost no one has anything but white cars.....  Except Ali! When you see about 50 white cars driving down the Corniche Drive, Maybachs, Rolls, MB 550s, 750i's, etc. and one car is  pure black with the screen in the back window to reflect the desert sun, that's him. It may be a top-line modified (Renntech or Callaway) 4-door coupe, a "sleeper" type of hot rod. But don't ever try to pass it.



     Sheik Ali and his brother Muhammed during an evening of financial and market discussion, just before a sumptuous feast. The graciousness of my host was unexcelled, along with a night of Lou Dobbs, CNBC. Be careful when asking for strong- or Turkish coffee. With sugar or honey, it'll keep you up for no more than three or four nights.

     This also hit me as to the 'one-worldness' of the Hi-Tech Equity Bubble (1990s) being  followed by every person on earth with serious capital. Any business news released to the media was immediately impacted by every trader/speculator on our planet, at any timeday or night.  "Real Traders Don't Sleep!"



             The author/analyst/trader along with His Excellancy Cai Li Min, Vice-Governer of Hebei Province, P.R. of China. Met back in October of 2000, in Chicago, Illinois, courtesy of relations with China Star Media Corp. who owned Channel 13, Chicago, Illinois. Was the guide in hosting some fifteen businessmen and politicians in seeing Chicago's business- and architecture. Of course, until people wake up and learn of how much China's growth has exploded, such as the over 4,000 skyscrapers on Shanghia's skyline... or was it Hong Kong's?  Maybe it was Guangchow's?      

            Interestingly, in late 1999, Jim perfected his calling of future turndates in equities to a fine degree. In October the 18th, with a dramatic reversal in equities worldwide, he used the "Squaring of Time" to get some dates in the future - January 17th and March 4th 2000, all dates always plus or minus one trading day. This was his estimates for the overall, overvalued Equities but especially the Hi-Tech Bubble that had engulfed the planet. Interestingly, January 17th was a Monday-Holiday and all U.S. markets were closed. So it should have been on the prior Friday the 14th or following 18th on Tuesday. Of course, all large-caps Equity Indexes topped on Friday, January 14th, not to be breached for another 6 years. And then, going from 90 degrees to 135 degrees out in time, gave March 4th - a Saturday, plus another few degrees - gave a March 13th date. He actually gave out these dates to a few very close clients and friends. One did get out on Friday the 10th of March of all Hi-Tech stocks! The exact high of the Bubble!!!  He called that too!


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